We would like to purchase your app!

Elena Ponomarenko <o.ponomarenko@...>

Hello, my name is Elena,

We would like to buy your app link, with audience from USA or Europe(at least 25% from all downloads 50 000 +). With daily activity at least 1000 people. Write me please, at which price you are ready to sell it and show me please the statistic:


1. organic search statistics

2. geo of the app audience ;

3. average life expectancy of the app on the users phones ;

4. what the technologies you used for the app developing ;

If you have any other for selling or if you could advice me someone, who has apps for selling, write me please.


Best regards



Отправлено из приложения "Почта" для Windows 10


Daria Kurguzova <kurguzovawork@...>

Hi Elena!

We're absolutely not interested in this! Thanks :)

All the best,