Time Planner Italian #translation

Francesca Fortunato <franfortunato.trad@...>

Hi Time Planner team,

I've recently downloaded your app. It's interesting. Hope to know all the potential possibilities very soon.¬†ūü§ď¬†Is there a guide to help users?

Anyway, I noticed your Italian translation is not complete. Lucky for you, I am an English to Italian professional translator. Check out my portfolio to learn more.
I'm happy to give you my help to review and/or translate, according to what you need most. 

It would be fantastic if you add my name in credits and give me feedback in return.
Hope to collaborate with you soon.
Have an awesome day! 


Francesca Fortunato 
English to Italian audiovisual translation specialist | Dialogue writer | Subtitler

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Nadia Albul

Hello Francesca!

Thank you very much! Soon I will send you an email with all the details.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul