The termitation date of planned activity #questions

Bruno Oliveira <bruno.cesar.oliveira@...>

Hello... I'll try to write in English, sorry for any mistake. 
I'm testing the Time Planner app and it's great and very thorough. But I'm missing a resource... When I create Programmed Activity (Atividade Programada in Portuguese) I can't put a termination date on it. 
For example, I need to do a task daily, one or more times a day, ending on a specific day. 
I'm really enjoying the app, still learning, thanks. 

Daria Kurguzova <kurguzovawork@...>

Hi Bruno!

Thank you for your feedback.

When you create new Planned Activity (Atividade Programada) you should enable "Repeating". Then you see the Date of the beginning and on the right the calendar icon. Tap this calendar icon and choose the termination date.

Hope it helps! And good luck in learning :)

All the best,