Thanks for your app Time Planner #thanks

Ricardo <ricardoeperez@...>


Hi Oleksandr, 


I am writing to thank you for the time building the Time Planner app.  


I had a training long time before on “Time Management” and it was very useful and effective in planning and implement, however it used a planner notebook, which was very helpful professionally, but not so helpful personally due to the need of carrying the planner notebook around. 


I was thinking in developing an app so I could implement that idea on my cell phone, so I started to look at available apps to have some ideas. Then I bumped into your app, and was amazed by the amount of functionality that was available and how they, not only match what I was looking for but exceed.  So no point in reinvent the wheel, “especially if my would be a square wheel ” 

There are three things in your app that I also like, you don't ask for unnecessary permissions and don't collect information, you don't load the app with ads, and you don't remove major functionalities from the free version, so to let users have a good evaluation of the product. 


Leaving the important functionalities in the free version, you are essentially giving a gift to people, and I am sure that the universe will recompensate you for that, also I am quite sure as well that lots of users will recognize the value of the application and will end up buying your app as I just did. 


Thanks, and congratulation for a job well done. 

Ricardo Perez

Oleksandr Albul

Hi, Ricardo Perez
Thanks you that you have devote time to write such a thankful latter. I really appreciate it, it inspires me a lot and I need it, as some time a have disappointment because of user complains.
Also you could vote for new features on our issue tracker[]=Feature
And if you you have a willing you could contribute to app strings translation

Best regards,
Oleksandr Albul.