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TCL is currently the fastest growing major mobile vendor in the world due to the success of its broad range of well-designed, easy-to-use and accessibly-priced mobile and internet products available in over 100 countries worldwide. We are now building a mobile eco-system under our new strategy Smart + Internet & Product + Services which is aiming to provide end users with innovative products & application and driven by user experience and demands.


With the idea of serving end users with best applications, we hereby recommend your applications/games that are free for downloading in other partner platforms (.apk file also downloaded from other partner platforms) to them through our mobile internet distribution platform while hold you harmless from any losses or damages. The platform is preloaded in all Alcatel mobile devices, with more than 20 million users & 190+ countries and regions covered. We DO NOT get any revenue from end users when they download and use your applications, while we bear related cost at server side. We promise that we will NOT change or edit anything in your applications/games, including but not limited to original code and payment SDK etc. If you have any question or our movement brings you any trouble, please send us an email and we will reply you within two working days & remove your applications within three working days from our distribution platform.


We have a strong desire of building business partnership with you. Our target is to establish a win-win relationship which can offer end users more content and bring you continuous increasing high quality users which can be trackable via our distribution platform. It is highly recommended that treating us as an important distribution channel since active promotion through our platform can generate revenue, bring more user base, increase the popularity of your application, and the awareness of the brand. You can reach out to following email   aot_apps@... for further discussion.


  Huizhou TCL Mobile Communication Co.,Ltd.


Nadia Albul

Hello TCL team!

Thanks for the opportunity! I have a question - what about the updates? How would you know the app is updated in Play Market so you can update it in your platform?

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Nadia Albul