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Bruno Peixoto <brunoalbertopeixoto@...>

The alarm does not sound when I close the application. I'm using Nubia Z17 Lite Android 7.1
Could have a function subtasks or subsequent tasks series, and if the task is not fulfilled, Could schedule to another free time or date but readjusting the entire series subsequent subtasks arereorganize. It would be something like the funtion recurring floating events. This function would be interesting to goals and studies and readings of books divided by themes or chapters programs. . Could have to determine an end time of the task.
3. Do you mean you would like to attach These kind of files to a task to open it from Within the task? Did you already try the attachment function That You can find in the menu of the task edit screen?
But is not allowed to open applications and videos. Should allow open all kinds of files and applications.
Bruno Alberto da Silva Peixoto 
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Nadia Albul

Hello Bruno!

Please look here to have your alarm issue fixed:

As for your suggestion, thank you! We will think about them! As for the attachment option, it's not available for the moment.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul