Problem w/ the stop alarm button

Dumdum Dum <tifferdoo98@...>

The screen w/ the alarm button is available however the stop button doesn't work. The snooze works so I have to snooze & then modify the alarm.  After deleting the 3 important alarms, I found that out.

I haven't tried to adjust the time on a snoozed alarm backwards yet, only forward.  So ultimately I don't know if it's an actual fix to my situation or just a delay tactic.

Also this phone is so new most of my contacts are not even in it.  It was released to the public @ the beginning of 2018.  It's a Lg Premier Pro LTE.

Thanks in advance for all your assistance!

TM aka Dumdum Dum

Daria Kurguzova

Hello Dumdum!

Please tell how exactly does it not work? What happens? Do you tap the button and everything stays the same?
What is the strength of the reminder? Alarm or alarm+captcha?

All the best, Daria