Planning for the week #questions

Aperna An <aan4878@...>

Hi. Thanks for your work on this app.
I am a 2 years user. 
But I have a few queries.
1. For eg. I have a goal to do yoga 3 hours per week. Or i want to do reading 4 times per week, not every day. So which way It can be scheduled  and monitored?  

Nadia Albul

Hi Aperna,

Thanks a lot for using the app for so long!

Surely you can do that. For this, create new scheduled activity of "time value" type -> set it for 3 hours -> make sure it is non-repeating -> tap on calendar icon to the right to start date -> tap on "End date" -> choose the day of the end of the week -> adjust the rest if needed -> save it. This way you will have this bubble sticking in Logging tab till the end of the week. One thing that make is imperfect is that you need to set it every week, as for now such type of activity cannot be repeated ( But anyway, I hope it will help you the way it is now!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul