Inquiry feature modification #features

Gallas1004 <cloudtenxz@...>

At current app, if I drag & drop ritual in schedule, all ritual is moved.
However, I want to change full plan a little every day not same ritual plan.

I hope that the one I select is moved when I drag & drop ritual in schedule. The other ritual is no change.
Through this modification, I can make control my similar full plan every day without new goal registration based on basic ritual plan.
Please consider to modify this feature.
For your reference, google calendar is same logic I explained.
Google calendar change the one I drag & drop is moved not all repeat plan.

Nadia Albul

Hello again, Gallas!

Yes, Google Calendar has a very nice logic in that. We are implementing a total app redesign, so hopefully it will be more suitable for you after the update!
Best regards,
Nadia Albul

Oleksandr Albul

This feature will be available in new Time Planner 3.0
Currently it is in beta testing.
Do you want to join beta  testers group to check it out ?