Features request (week view, export, widget size) #features

Paulo P <pppatricio39@...>

Dear Sirs, 
I'm still on the start of using time planner. 
I like the concept but I feel that some features I would likely to have are missing, or I can't find them.
A week calendar view (not just a monthly view - I use a 5 inch screen), because without that view a monthly view is crowded without the possibility of seeing daily data (if I could hoover over a day and get a balloon with the data/ activities).
The possibility of creating a week schedule at once, and the possibility of creating a task/activity cloning it for the same days of the month. This mainly for some fixed daily schedules (work time, transportation time, sleep, etc.). 
Export all data, or task by task, in a time frame to excel. 
The possibility of enlarging widget size, not just the time circles size individually. 
Hope you can find these suggestions helpful. 
Looking forward in hearing from you. 
Paulo P. 

Oleksandr Albul

Thank for your interest.
1. I have week calendar in my todo-list but it would be quite complicated view, so i decided to postpone implementing it before will do main core functionality. About "balloon with day data", actually you could double tap on any day in calendar and you will get that day expanded in first tab, to return to the month view just swipe right.
2. Export is also in my todo-list. Currently you could export only tasks. Go to "options"> "backup" > "Export data" > "Tasks"
3. Widget size is adjusted by the system, you could adjust it by long press on it, and than to drag bubbles on desired dimension.

Best regards,