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So I just started using your planner app, and it's completely amazing! I love EVERYTHING about your layout and functions, and although it took a little thinking and studying to understand how everything works, all of the options and lists are a perfect fit to structure my unstructured thinking pattern. So thanks so much for creating this app, it's truly the first and only planner app that's worked for me. 

But I also have a couple of new functions requests to really maximize my experience with your app: 
•In the schedule tab I would like to also be able to choose a week view.
•I would like many more widgets to choose from:
▪︎One for quickstarting and a quick overlook of today's Logging-tab.
▪︎One for the daily schedule where you get separate widgets for your daily detailed plan (this could also be in the form of a clock wheel/sectograph) and one for the daily approximately plan.
▪︎It would also be nice with a widget for the monthly plan, but not as important for me personally.
▪︎Maybe even a widget for the Statistics tab about Scheduled time.

Kind regards,

Oleksandr Albul

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your kind words, they are my motivation for further improving :)

1. Yes I'm planning to implement week view, but I don't have a clear vision yet how should it looks. All sketches are welcome :)
2. I don't like widgets programming at all :) It is very restrictive and hacky part of android api.
Yes in the future I would like to add widget similar to sectograph for planned activities in a day. But for the rest it is unlikely to happen. I have already tried to implement widget to log bubbles (similar to Logging tab), I have spent a lot of time, but it turned out that it is NOT possible. It is only possible implement it like plain list. Which will take also lot of time, and produce lot of unsatisfied users :) So it is better absence than not good presence.