Feature suggestions

Pawel <raczpav@...>

Hello, great application. Thank you.
I was thinking if you plan to implement few options.
1. Including importing calendars (Google and local) events into apk scheduling.
2. In the logging area adding the number or bar indicator how much time of the day is left after adding goal, daily rituals and imported events from the calendars - that would be the killing option.
3. The week planning with the same option from above.
4.including day working time although not logged in reports
5. Automatic reminder to log the scheduled events.
6. Reminder that nothing is logging (what do you do now? ) as a some way to eliminate procrastination.
Thank you for your work. I must admit that I am learning your application but It's very promising and worth using for the planning.

Nadia Albul

Hello Pawel!

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, we will take them into consideration!
Have a great 2019 ahead!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul