Collaboration inquiry.

HEMANT CHHABRA <hemantchhabra89@...>

This is an Inquiry into designing new products with you. I'm a digital product designer with quite a variety of designing and visual coding experience on a variety of platforms, mobile and desktop. If you would like to collaborate, I can explain what can I do for you, for the product.

Thank you for making your planner. I arrived at a similar UX solution while I was making a time planner for myself on excel / numbers. That is why making a step to collaborate. 

Many congratulations on Prana. Couldn't use it but being an Indian, Yoga meditation as an app is an important problem solved for end users who want to stay fit while mobile and comfortable. 

All the best

Oleksandr Albul

Hi Hemant,
I'm open to collaboration.
First of all you could check out the "to-implement list" of my future features. It is here[]=Feature&label_name[]=Proposal
And give your rate or sort of sketch.
If you have some suggestion or vision about some parts of the app it is great, but keep in mind that I very skeptical for the suggestions to redo, cut out the features etc. Because it is weeks and months of my work.