All tasks are marked as completed #questions

Alan Simmons <alansimmons262@...>

Dear Time Planner Team, 
Please Advise
I have been busy making myself familiar with the Android app Time Planner.  I found the feature to make reoccurring tasks appear in the calendar on a daily basis. I found that when I marked a task as completed on one day it was marked as complete on all future occurrences. Is this because I am using the free version? Or is this how it was intended to work? 
Alan Simmons 

Nadia Albul

Hello Alan!

Thanks for your attention to our app! You might find it useful too look through our wiki articles to get maximum out of Time Planner:

As for the tasks marked as completed, it works the way it was intended, and the task pinned to a ritual, will be marked uncompleted automatically the next day after you've checked it. Maybe in the future we will make it behave the other way, but for now it is like that. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul