time planner app issue with subscription on Amazon #questions

John Cuyugan <jbodi15@...>


Just the other day I tried subscribing to the 1 year pro version of time planner on Amazon. Pro version worked for like one day before no longer working, and reverting back to a pre-trial version. If I try to purchase a subscription again, it says I already have it, but the app continues to not work with any pro features, with the pop ups coming up to start a free trial.

i am not sure what to do to get the app to work properly.


Daria Kurguzova <kurguzovawork@...>

Hello John!

We`re very sorry for that problem. 
Something is wrong with the Amazon version and we will try to fix it in the next update. You can download the Google Play version, it works properly.
Please, tell us, was the money withdrawn from your card?

Best wishes,