taken the money from my account #questions #pro

Tzipia <tzipiat@...>

I tried to join your 7 days trial with a liftime plan and you already taken the money from my account! (15$~)
I want to cancel the purchase please...
By the way, I liked this app very much, but I need a good widget (your widget is very limited) and a synced version to Chrome for really use it.
Ms Tzipia Keshet Kasha.

Nadia Albul

Hello Tzipia!

Sorry for your experience. According to Google billing policy, the funds are withdrawn after the 7 day trial is over. Please make sure it's not "Pro forever" version that you have purchased, as a trial period is available for subscriptions (3 Months and 1 Year only). Anyway, you can send me your order number so I can check its status. You can cancel your subscription this way:

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the app is not perfect, but we are working on it! Merry Christmas, by the way! =)
Best regards,
Nadia Albul