Lets wait to end this payment and change the plan... [ Re: [timeplanner] How can I change my subscription plan? #pro #questions ] #questions #pro

fernando maldonado <let.aleph@...>

Hi Nadia!

   Nice to answer your kindly soon kindly answer!

   In the hope you and 'PranaBreath Application' are enjoining all together, wonderful time!

   In the way do things simple, I will wait for the next three months payment period, I will change the subscription plan. 

   It is easy for me because I will change at this moment the credit card information for new one!

   breath in Thy kutastha omnipresence...

   with kindness

      in godliness brotherly kindness charity 

      let the aleph works by itself

         fernando maldonado
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On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 2:31 PM Nadia Albul <> wrote:
Hello Fernando!

Thanks a lot, it's nice to hear that!

If you'd like to change your subscription plan, you need to cancel your previous subscription (here is how ) and subscribe for the more attractive plan. I can refund the money for your previous purchase, in case you need it - just send me your order number. OR you can use Guru until 3 months are over, and than unsubscribe and change the payment plan.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul