Buy the pro version from Iran #pro

Sajjad Salehi <sajjadsalehi1985@...>

Hi dear Oleksander Albul

I am a sales manager in my country & I'm very very busy.
I really really love your app.  I tested more than 50 to do list & act tracker app & didn't see better than your app. You see something in your app that the others can't see it.

But I have a problem. I live in Iran & I can't purchase your app. Honestly I want tried for using your cracked app, but before it, I want to request you please send me your pro version free. Please don't reject my request.
I'm waiting for your answer. 
Best Regards
Sajjad Salehi 

Oleksandr Albul

Hi Sajjad,
In a while I will release apk file downloadable from our website. And it would be possible to buy pro version outside the stores.
But now could you contribute a little to the app to get pro version? if you are from Iran you could know the Farsi language. The app has 67 % of progress of translation to Farsi. You could check it here

So If you could spend couple of hours to finish this translation, I would be happy to give you few promo-codes for pro version. Ofcourse you can find and download cracked version and here nothing I can do, but I think you will feel better in win win solution.

Best regards,
Oleksandr Albul