Statistics tab suggestions #features

Prashant Sharma <pscoolprince@...>

Hi Team,
Happy for the great work you are doing but the one area we need to work seriously the the STATISTICS section. This section in dwarf as compared to the other towering features in the app. 
It doesn't have any option to measure one's efficiency over different intervals like daily, weekly, monthly, half yearly, yearly or specific time period. 
The stats can be using bar graphs, or charts for different projects, stats like total tasks compared over different intervals. There can be line charts. 
User should have option to measure his efficiency and productivity for different categories, loggings, tasks etc. This is a must have feature for premium tasking apps like time planner. 
Everybody like to see the progress he is making and measure it in quantifiable terms. 
I am sure you will agree to it as well and will add another set of great features to our lovely app. 
Waiting impatiently to see this getting implemented and get live on the app. 
Attaching the screenshots of the Focus to do app which is doing this wonderfully and we can do better than them. 
Prashant Sharma

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