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Jane Tann <pixie.tanner@...>


I've tried quite a few breathing apps and not been able to find any with all of the features I want. Yours comes the closest so I'd thought I'd make some suggestions:
1. The most important thing I'd like is a "No sound" option for each of the different sounds, in particular the background sound - I find your background sound options a bit overwhelming. It's much easier to relax with some of the other apps I tried that have no background sound and something very simple like a piano sound for the transitions. The default sound settings on the app called "Breathe" were the most relaxing I found. 
2. Visually, I'd love to have the option for a sphere that expands with the in breath and contracts with the out breath, as can be seen in Breath Ball. This visual aid really helped me with diaphragmatic breathing as it mimics the abdomen going in and out with the breath.

Otherwise your app is great and very professionally done. I'd be happy to pay for Guru if it had those extra features. But as it is, I find myself using one of the simpler apps that has far fewer features but more relaxing sounds. 

Daria Kurguzova <kurguzovawork@...>

Hi Jane!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and interesting suggestions. We will take it into consideration.

All the best,


For what it's worth, I also like the idea of the expanding and retracting sphere.