Thank you for the app. I'm enjoying it much. There are two things I notice myself missing so far. Before posting here, I did search to see if others had made similar suggestions and didn't find anything. So here goes:

1. Often I find myself continuing meditation after the breathing exercises are complete. Being a math and statistics sort, I can't help wondering, at the end of it all, how much extra time I put into meditating. A timer that begins counting after pranayama completion would be neat and useful to me.

2. I'm utterly new to this practice. I wish for some hand-holding to get me through the beginning stages. Specifically, a prescribed progression through the beginning stages - day 1 do this, day 2 do that, and so on. It would be especially great were it integrated into the app and not just a text document. You'll have much better ideas than I about how to do that elegantly.

That's it for the moment. Best wishes to you all and thanks again.


Daria Kurguzova <kurguzovawork@...>

Hi Rich!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions. Have a great time breathing :)

All the best,