Problem with sounds #questions


Quoting from another thread where I couldn't respond on. See below. At each interval, three seconds before, the sound stops. Is there a way to fix that?  It used to work properly before.

So when sound is finished playing it is immediately started again. The start and the end of the track is very similar, so if device do this job very quickly - there should not be any glitches.
But if you do hear glithces. You could just try another sound style like "sea", "rain", "wind",.... They might perform much better.
Also this could happen due to low performance device, or just havy loaded device.

Nadia Albul

Hello Dietmar!

Here is the working solution: (the one with screenshots)

Please let me know if that worked for you!



Hi Nadia, setting animation duration scale on 1x solved the issue. Now it's nice again :-)
Thank you for your help!

Nadia Albul

Glad to hear that Dietmar!