Ideas for #pranabreath


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1. It would be cool to be able to rate exercises.
2. Grouping and / or tagging exercises would be great.
3. When on the training page and clicking "Details" the entered info of the exercise is not shown. This would be nice to be able to see it there, since it would make much more sense than diving into the editing page to see the notes.
4. An overview of all the available exercises with their "function" would be great. Some sorting or tagging in the Wiki at least. The (to me) cryptic original names of the exercises is not that helpful for finding good exercises. (-;
Thanks for the app! Hopefully I made my feature requests correct with this mail.

Nadia Albul

Hello Manuel!

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback! Yes, the app still has a lot to improve ) We will take your ideas into consideration, plus some users have already asked for similar things.

As of what you can do now, is renaming the trainings, adding some emoji (will be a sort of rating) and adding some effects to the name. The thing is, most of trainings with specific original names have more than one distinguished effect, so it is kind of hard to name them properly other than with original name. But true, some tags and easier wiki search is inevitable! Will think what and when I can do that!