Guru forever subscription - issue #bugs #questions


Dear Oleksandr and Nadia,

I love using your amazing app. However, I ran into a couple of issues with the guru version. 
Namely, I have had an annual subscription which should expire in August this years and I could never use the Health test (nothing shows up on the page). 
I thought maybe it's only included in the "forever" subscription, and since my annual sub is running out soon I purchased forever. 
Issues remain: 
1. Cannot access the Health features 
2. Google subscriptions still says my sub. is running out in August. 

The purchase was completed through google pay on 14 Jul 2019, and I received a confirmation email. 
Order number: GPA.3307-1079-7307-29213

Thank you for your help!
All my best,

Nadia Albul

Hello Mina!

Thanks a lot for your appreciation! )

Let me answer to your questions:
1. Surely health tests are available for subscriptions! Please go to Experience tab (3rd on bottom navigation bar) and slide to the left on the action bar (on top, where you see words "Experience", "Progress") or on the main screen of this tab. On the very right there is Health tab. Please find more info about it here:

2. I've checked the order number you've sent me, and it's an active "Guru forever" version, purchased at 17:11, 14.07.19. But you also have 1-Year subscription active, so please cancel it in Play Market app so your card is not charged at 21.08. According to Google subscription policy, one purchase does not cancel another one, as they are different products with different order numbers - that works for all apps, by the way. If you have any difficulties cancelling your subscription, I can do that for you.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul