Fractional + constant time bug #bugs

Phil Swindler <phillipswindler@...>

Dear Oleksandr & Nadia,
First, thank you for creating the awesome app, Prana Breath! About a year ago I tried the free version of your app, quickly fell in love, and purchased the guru version.
Despite the fact that I've been using your app for a while, as far as creating and customizing my own breathing routines, I'm still a novice. Recently, I've been trying to create a new Breathing Session and quickly became stuck. I'd love your help!
My goal is to create a breathing session that has the following parameters:
  • Inhale - Constant time, Fractional; = 1.5 seconds
  • Retain = 0
  • Exhale - Constant time, Fractional; = 1.5 seconds
  • Sustain = 0
Below are screenshots of the steps I'm taking and what is happening as a result:
1. I select the "+" button and then "Breathing Session"
2. For now, I just accept the default ratios and select "OK"
3. Next, I select the "%" button on the far right had row that is labeled as "Ratio of breath cycle" (from the "Control" screen) in order to modify the settings
4. First, I set "Inhale" to 1.500 seconds and "Retain" to 0 (as illustrated below)
5. Next, I scroll down and set "Exhale" = 1.500 seconds and "Sustain" = 0
In the process, "Inhale" is automatically changed to 1.900 seconds (as illustrated below). I need "Inhale" to stay at 1.500 seconds.
6. Then, when I move back up to change "Inhale" back to 1.500 seconds, "Exhale" is automatically moved or changed to 1.900 seconds (as pictured below).
7. You can see the final results pictured below. Again, what I need to do is set "Inhale" to 1.5s and "Exhale" to 1.5 seconds and cannot figure out how to do that.
I'm pretty sure that the problem is mine and my lack of understanding. I'd love your help teaching understand what I'm doing wrong. I'd also appreciate your help understanding the principles involved: what is the design principle (in the background which was used to create this app) that I'm not understanding.
It's almost like one of the settings in this breathing session is causing it to be "over constrained", causing the Inhale & Exhale times to dependently "react" so that some other parameter stays satisfied in the process. In the end, this is only my theory and doesn't really matter.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Phil Swindler
(My google account uses the email address twiggage@.... I've included some screenshots below to give you more info about the version of Prana Breath I'm running)
Order number: GPA.3394-0586-5044-84209


Nadia Albul

Hello Phil!

Thanks for your friendly bug report! It's not the lack of your understanding, it really is a bug ) We are aware of it, and it's is already fixed in the new version that will be available within a week or so. But before that, here's how you can avoid this to happen:
1. Set fractional ratio to 1.5:0:1.5:0.
2. Set seconds per unit value to 1 second.
3. This way you've got this pattern working without this unpleasant thing happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Anyway, the new version is on its final testing stage, and hopefully you will like it!