Choosing a breath


Love this app. Got the guru version. So very lovely' content, design,.information, the exercises. Just a delight.

What breath to start with? I am fine, work outz strong, do yoga. Etc
Dental issues, hairloss, delayed period, little things like that. Sense of I trusio .(privacy).

Am doing anulom vilom.

I want to be energetically strong, get my hair back, be more beautiful :) heal my teeth

Thank you


Nadia Albul

Hello Happy!

Thanks a lot for your kind words, I'm happy you like the app!

Surely you understand the health goals you have are the question of eating, environment, emotional state, etc. And there is no "magic pill" or "magic app" to have it all fixed at once. I would strongly recommend you to visit your physician to make some hormone level tests. But still, breathing exercises promote stable emotional condition, thus balance hormone system. You can try any pattern to see how it feels, I would only recommend Coherent breathing Square breathing and Harmony to start with.

Have a great healthy 2019!




I am living a pretty healthy lifestyle, work out, am known as a wellness person from my work and look much younger than my age. I have a good library too.. Meditate, do yoga, Kundalini, Hatha, yin, etc daily, lift weights, box, Wim Hoff,

Appreciate the suggestions. I am looking for breath techniques to support holistic healing for teeth, stimulate hair growth.

I am not a newbie, as those two are for newbies. I have been using breathwork in yoga, taken an audio course and practised, did Tony Robbins' deep breathing g suggestions for years, etc, and practice mindfulness.

I suppose there is a lot of power in breathing. I read all the descriptions and had a few I really liked but would like to focus on just one. Anolom vilom, so far, or kapalbatti just started. Tummo similar to Wim Hoff. 
I suppose I want a progression that suits me, and I guess doing more than 1-2 a day is not long term consistently practical.