App for Isochronic Tones / Binaural Beats? #pranabreath

FlowComa <fluiquid@...>

Hello Olekdia Team, I love your apps, I have pro version of both Prana Breath and Time Planner.

Prana breath is an extremely useful tool for my breathing exercises before or during meditation, I love that it also supports custom presets.
I also make use of Isochronic Tones to help with my meditation, I use a tool called Sine Isochronic which also has support for custom presets, I have spent many hours creating presets for that community (
Sadly the developer of that app does not have the time anymore to keep working on the app and closed down the site, he has been looking for a developer to take over the project.

Since it's similar to the type of apps you make I thought you might be interested, if not in taking over maybe as an idea for a future app I would love to be able to convert my preexisting presets to another app as there is no other out there.

It's sad to see the only isochronic app for android that supports community presets reach the end of its life, so I'm wondering, have you considered making an app like this?

Nadia Albul

Hello FlowComa,

Even though binaural sounds don't have serious scientific proofs, I think it is an interesting topic! Could you please send us links to a couple of your tracks so we can look at hear it? Also, what are your conditions of collaboration?

FlowComa <fluiquid@...>

I have made them as presets for the app I've linked on you can find them under the same name as I have here (Ctrl+F "FlowComa").
The included attachment is an export of one of the presets I've made, some of the other ones are longer (over 6 hours in length) so I can't export them all.

My personal view on the subject is, binaural beats and isochronic tones are simply just less distracting and simplified music, fast frequencies can make you alert, slow can calm you down, it was kind of a hype at some point and a lot of people seemed to look for more meaning behind the tones, I have quite a few theories of my own and I think the can most certainly help with different types of meditation.

The idea got hijacked at one point by a company called "I-Doser" I think back in 2012, it was pretty much a stolen modified version of SBaGen and the tried selling it as "digital drug", which was of course completely a placebo. After that the hype pretty much died down because people where trying it to get high and they couldn't and that how it's gotten a bad name I think.

Edit: I didn't read the last line properly, It's not my app, the person who made it was looking for somebody to take the project over, there are no conditions, I just made a lot of presets for it and thought you might be interested, nothing more :)

Thanks for the reply,