Time Planner freezes #bugs #timeplanner



First of all thank you for this nice app which has been quite useful for me for a few months now.
For the last two days I had some freezing problems with the app. Since I am a developer myself, I know that having more information about a bug can help a lot, so I'll try to explain my experience:

The first time, last night
  • the app froze (I don't remember exactly what I was doing right before it happened)
  • I panicked and closed the app (swipe up from the list of recent apps)
  • I opened the app again and got a blank screen
  • I closed it from app info by clicking on Force close => again blank screen
  • I cleared cache => still blank screen
  • I cleared the cache and the data => got the app back but lost all my data
The next two times (today) after starting from scratch
  • I stopped a running logged activity
  • The activity was saved (notification at the bottom that it was logged)
  • Then the screen turned black (in one of the cases I had rotated the phone by accident, I don't remember for the other)
  • The app screen then showed my logged activities as they were before I stopped my running activity and the app was frozen that way
  • I swiped the app away (not closing it) and did other things for a few minutes
  • I went back to Time Planner and it was back to normal, including the save of my last logged activity
I'm running Android 10 on a Nokia 7.2 phone. Hope this helps you find the problem.
Also, if others have this problem, don't close the app, try waiting for things to go back to normal, it can make the difference between loosing your data or not!

Best regards,
Cristian Gratie

Nadia Albul

Hello Cristian!

Thank you very much for the detailed bug report you've sent! And I am sorry you've lost your data ( Hopefully you had a backup file though!

Soon (hopefully today) we are releasing the minor version with the fix for this bug.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul