What pattern is best for what


Hm. I use this app 6 months and what I can propose?
To workout for a better results- tummo. After 30 series stop the thrust and make maximum of your competition, because then you be better faster.
To sleep- relaxation. I after 7 minutes sleep like a child.
For better concentration? harmony. After morning breathing with harmony my day is better and i am more smart.

And the most important- Its doesnt matter where you practice and what is your position, if you want leg or sit, and where you practice- in work or house or public transport- its great idea.
But if You started your journey with prana- you should most practice harmony method, its simple and is great to begin breath practice.

I have 33h of practice and in this 15h of harmony method.

All of the best.

Nadia Albul

Hello Mr/Ms Lopez!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and you recommendations! I agree with you, and as for me, Harmony is one of the most powerful patterns.

Keep it up and have a great time practicing!