PD: [olekdia] Problems with purchasing Guru #questions

Paweł Lencki <lenckipawel@...>

Hello, unfortunately in my Google account there is no trace after ordering the Guru version. Can you check with my email address lenckipawel@... why I do not have a paid version? 
Best regards

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Date: pon., 27 maj 2019, 18:47
Subject: PD: [olekdia] Problems with purchasing Guru #questions
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Wysłano z mojego smartfonu w PLAY

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Temat: Re: [olekdia] Problems with purchasing Guru #questions
Od: Nadia Albul
Do: mrrogal@...,support@olekdia.groups.io

Hello Mr Rogal!

Sorry for your experience! Please send me your order number so I can check its status.

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