Sound problem #bugs

Tasha Johnson <johnson.tashalynn@...>

Hi there,
I have prana breath guru, and notice that halfway through some of my breath steps, the sound cuts off
I have already looked at FAQ and ensured all my settings are correct on my pixel 3 - however the issue continues. 
Is there something else I am missing? Or is this a glitch in the system?

Nadia Albul

Hello Tasha!

So, have you tried everything described here: ? If yes, and it's still not working, I would really appreciate a screencast so we can see if there's any consistent pattern of this glitch. Also, is that the same with another sound styles? Could you please change the sound styles and see if it's still like this? There are some strange bugs on some devices,  with "flute" phase transition sound that for some reason made a mess with the background sounds , while "Tibetan bowl" works just fine!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul