Problem with sounds #questions

Sofia Debus <sydodds@...>

Dear PranaBreath,
I worked out the sound issue outlined below, somehow the sound had been turned off in the app.
However, could I ask you to unsubscribe one of my subscriptions below as I accidentally doubly subscribed.
Many thanks again for your brilliant app,
Sofia Debus

From: Sofia Debus <sydodds@...>
Sent: Monday, 27 May 2019 8:37 PM
Subject: sound doesn't work
Dear PranaBreath,
Thankyou for your fabulous app that I use every day. Since a few nights ago the sound no longer works. I have a Guru subscription
Order number: GPA.3359-1642-5257-98889..0
Order date: 07/01/2019 12:03:11 PM
As I was looking this up I found actually that I am doubly subscribed to Guru level.
Order number: GPA.3359-1642-5257-98889
Order date: 31/12/2018 12:06:06 PM
Thanks for your help with these two issues.
Kind regards,

Nadia Albul

Hello Sofia!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! I'm glad you have the sounds back!

As for your subscriptions, this one GPA.3359-1642-5257-98889 - is a number of trial period subscription, and you card was charged A$0.00. The number that has ..0 in the and is actually the payment, so there is no double charging )

Best regards,
Nadia Albul