Problem with sounds #questions

Sarah Decoteau <skdecoteau@...>

Good Morning,
A few weeks ago you updated the Prana Breath app, making a major change to the ability to set up sounds for different phases, etc. Ever since then any sound I set for metronome randomly gets quiet, then suddenly loud, then quiet again, etc. I made sure that Diverse Pitch is off and I looked through all the other settings for anything else that might affect it but I can't find anything. 
The randomly changing volume is especially problematic when I'm using the app before sleep. I will be relaxed when all of a sudden "CLANK!" or "POP!" or whatever sound I have set for metronome.
If it helps, I'm on a Moto g6 running Android 8.0.0., and I have a Guru subscription for Prana Breath.
I love this app and use it daily. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for relaxation and meditation and overall health. I really hope that there is a solution for the sound problem soon. If there's any other information that would help, please let me know.

Nadia Albul

Hello Sarah!

Thanks a lot for your friendly bug report! Yes, unfortunately, Moto G6 is one of the devices that cause most of troubles with the sounds. We are aware of this bug, and we are working on its resolving. As for now, you can either turn the metronome off, or roll back to the previous version (9.0.1). If you choose the last option, please create the backup file, uninstall the app, install it from here and restore from your backup file, making sure you're logged in the very same google account you've used for the purchase.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul