Prana Breath Turkish and German #translation

Ulas Saglam <ulassaglam@...>

Hello Lovely Prana Breath, 
First of all, I am really happy to find your App and you came up with the Idea! 
Thank you!
My name is Ulas and I am writing you from Cologne Germany. I have been interested since a few years in to Breathing and learning and practising the knowledge of Opera Artist Mustafa Kartal (
I installed Prana Breath Guru 3 Months a go and still tring the all Trainings and write my own. And I show how it works and tell about Effect of this App to everyone who has something to do with in himself! 
I would like to be usefull for you and try to help you about Translating in Turkish and German languages and write Breath Trainings if you would tell me how to do! Or anything I can do for you in Germany and Turkey!
Thank you again and nice to meet you through your App!
With Love from Germany,
Ulas Saglam 

Nadia Albul

Hello Ulas!

Thanks a lot for your inspiring feedback! If you'd like to help with the translation to Turkish and German so people can find more info about each of breathing patterns in their native language  - that would be awesome! If you would like to, I will create the translator's account for you.

As for the new patterns, you can collaborate with that as well - you can share the source of the patterns you recommend, we will do some research and test it, and then publish them on our wiki so they are available for all Guru users.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul