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Sandra Stosic <sstosic980@...>

Hey,there is no longer language that you called srpsko/hrvatski or in English Serbian/Croatian. They are similar but very different,and there  was a  civil war between  these  two countries so many people could  feel  offended that those two combined( not me ). So,let me help you  with  translation to Croatian language,that you don't  have to explain yourself to those people who feel offended by that compartment.
Peace and love from Sandra Stoshich

Nadia Albul

Hello Sandra!

Thanks a lot for your care and your enthusiasm!

Honestly, I've tried to get it clear in my head about the languages of South Slavs, but wikipedia articles has made it even more messed up ( Could you please advise me any source of up-to-date reliable info so me, an East Slav (namely Ukrainian) can finally get it clear?

Serbo-Croatian on our website stands for Montenegrin, as wikiTranslate engine that we use has no Montenegrin in it. So I apologize if that made anyone feel offended. But wikiTranslate does have Croatian though. So soon I will send you all the details about the translation in a separate email, with all the links and passwords.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul