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Meris Gebhardt <meris@...>

Greetings dear Sirs et Mms.
I am very interested in submitting my guided audio meditation tracks/content for integration onto your app listener/subscriber base platform. Is there a process by which to do this? I'm an expert living here in NYC serving global corporations in person and now 2019 is a full tilt effort in digital tracks. I'm building my content library and so would be interested in pursuing ways to offer my content onto your platform, as well, right away. I would gladly share incredible and various testimonials and success stories directly from my expansive student/client base: Spotify, Venmo, airbnb, Zillow, Nike, etc.
Studies in: Vedic, Yogic, Vedanta, MBSR, Ayurvedic, Christian influence
What is the process for doing so? Do you need to learn more about my history/expertise/technique?
Keep up your amazing work, I love what you're doing. And many thanks for your engagement here.
High Performance Meditation
New York, NY | 503.756.3622

Nadia Albul

Hello Meris!

Thanks for you attention to our app, it flatters us!

Could you please let us know what your conditions are? We are indie developers from Ukraine, and have to know what your terms are/

Best regards,
Nadia Albul