Music #collaboration

Matias Schüttenberg <matschutt@...>

Hello dear PB App
I would Consider develop a new tool and add also the music I'm Working in to help even more People and engage Into the whole world.
Here. Is a set example I used to Work with yoga Teachers in Berlin last year.
Let me know what You think
(third track is my own composition, but most of my own works goes on this direction and also I'm searching to develop more brain waves quality music)
PS. You are alright about the crowdfunding thing. It is for new projects. 
But we can work with music updates. Regularly... 
Would love to hear your ideas! 
Hope you find the time & peace with the music. 
Matias Schüttenberg 
Whatsap (+49 1748749919) 
Line telephone +34632451528 
Gardènia 2, B 3° 2° 
Palma de Mallorca 
Balearic Islands

Nadia Albul

Hello Matias!

That's a nice music of yours!

Well, now we are working on import sound option, so people can listen and download more sounds, specially prepared for Prana Breath (most of them are looped). Like the ones you can find here: (it's under construction)

So we wonder if you'd like to collaborate, maybe create some sounds, or cut the ones you have? Also, what musical instruments do you play, or it's just all electronic?

Best regards,
Nadia Albul