Mindfulness Videos #collaboration

Nick Halaban <info@...>


I have come across your app on Google Play and was very impressed by it. Good job!

I was wondering if you were interested in developing some video lessons on mindfulness?

My name is Nick Halaban and I am video editor. I have recently worked on a mindfulness video course and it was a great experience, you can watch some experts here:

You could take your app to the next level and create a whole new experience for users. I think we can get great things done together.


My pricing is very affordable, you can take a look at my rates here:

I offer a free demo so you can evaluate before deciding whether is right for you or not. Simply send me a script and I will send you a free demo of one minute more or less.

Of course you will be %100 owner of the copyright… is totally yours. Imagine, you could not only be helping people but also making money. A one-time investment for a whole-life return. Much like learning mindfulness.

Looking forward to hearing from you back.


Nick Halaban

Nadia Albul

Hello Nick!

Thanks for your attention towards our app! We've looked through your videos, and must say we have quite different vision of mindfulness videos. We plan to do some, and we see them as a real-time practice with a real human being on the screen.

Anyway, thanks for your proposition!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul