Losing all settings #questions

Andy Mitchell <delphyex@...>

Hello there
I have a problem. I have made my own settings: changed colors, sounds and the app just keeps resetting them to default.
What could be the problem?

Andy Mitchell

Nadia Albul

Hello Andy!

Could you please give me more details of what is happening?  Also, are you sure you modify the setting in "General sounds" tab, not in "Training sounds"? If last, the sound settings are applied to this pattern only.

Do you have Guru version? If you log out of the Google account you've used for the purchase, and open Prana Breath, Guru version is being deactivated and you have your settings lost. When you log in to that Google account, Guru version is back. Please check if that might be the cause.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul