Kriya Yoga pattern #practice

Swamini Tattvavidyananda Saraswati <tattvavidya@...>

Dear Sir
I was intiated to Kriya yoga breathing by a Kriya yoga master. So I guess you can find it with those who practice Kriya yoga. It is always passed on from master to a student. 
With best wishes

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 a great app. you can create your own breathing ratios ...for example i do some kriya breathing . it was great to add that


Developer response:
Thank you Swamini! Would gladly add this pattern, could you please share the source link for this kind of breathing?

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Nadia Albul

Hello Tattvavidyananda!

I see. It seems like every pattern is unique, plus we have to refer to some written sources to be sure the pattern is safe to be recommended. Thanks for your reply anyway!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul