Guru version #questions

Michelle Fallier <michelle.fallier@...>

Hi Olek,
I have a Abo and it's still on, but I can't do my work because it tell me that I ll have to go with the Test version? Also, I have to send money, what i did, still can't use my Abo  What going on?

Nette Grüße....peaceful greets 

Michelle Fallier

Nadia Albul

Hello Michelle!

Abo - is that Guru version? If yes, let me answer. Testing period is the first week of Guru version when you are able to give it a try without the payment. If you do not cancel your subscription during this time, in 7 days your card will be charged. If you've activated Guru version and have the confirmation email, but you don't have it, please see this:

Please let me know if that worked!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul