Free or Guru version #questions

abdulghani khaled <alaradi854@...>

Hello, I am a fan of the application, and it benefited me greatly, but I found the application from outside the play market all the features without paying money, would you allow me to use it please, if you do not mind ???  ............................ I will delete it from my phone if you do not like it, and use the original unpaid ..  ..Okkra ...... And sorry if there are written errors I use the translator ... With peace

Nadia Albul

Hello Abdulghani!

Thanks a lot for your appreciation!

As for the pirate version - it depends on your situation. You see, we have a payed version so we can keep improving the app while our kids can have something to eat daily (more details about it here ). If your current financial situation is too hard, surely you should not pay for things like apps - this way it's better to use pirate media products. But if you can pay for the coffee in the city center, then you'd better listen to that still small voice, as the subscription for Prana Breath is a cup-of-coffee-price thing.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul