Does the proper use of the Prana Breath app have the potential to harm me? #healthissues

jonathanplanet <iamushplanet@...>

To whom this may concern,
I think the app is very well made.
Having said that, I just read the contraindications and I have to admit I was quite scared. I don't have any hypertension issues, but I'd like to know more, if that is possible. 
Does the proper use of the Prana Breath app have the potential to harm me? 
If so, how?
I'm looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards,


Hi, Yianni

We had to inform our users about potential harms, but breathing is still the safest thing you can do :)

The problem is, there's a lot people who DON'T know if they have hypertension. Prana Breath is about breathing different way than usual, so it may change your pulse, it may change O2 or CO2 level in your bloodstream and so on. It has a low potential of doing harm EVEN if you have some health problems, but we wanted to be sure that our users know everything about their safety.

Well, there's one more thing: most of unpleasant effects will not occur IMMEDIATELY. First you would feel dizzy or weak, and if such effects occur, you may want to stop breathing gymnastics and you'll be fine.

To cut long story short: proper use od Prana Breath cannot harm you, if you're healthy. It shouldn't harm you even if you're not in perfect shape, but always be aware of any changes in your body. Bear in mind that some changes may be unpleasant, but the're not dangerous - it's like when you jog or diving.

Robert Wąsik