New app suggestions #thanks

Marko Pahić <marko.pahic@...>

Love your Prana breath app. But I am contacting you because I would like to suggest you an app for making exercises in the same concept you already have with this application. I saw a lot of 7min workout and 8 min workout apps but I think that your concept of the app would replace and be better than those. Would definitely pay for that and I think other people would too. 
I hope you like the idea and I'm hopefully waiting for the new app. 
Best regards, 

Daria Kurguzova <kurguzovawork@...>

Hi Marko!

Thanks a lot for your warm words and suggestions!
But unfortunately the day has only 24 hours :) The idea is great and I hope one day we will have time to take it into consideration. 

All the best,