Use of "Respiration Pranique" on Mac or Pc #questions

Ideal Graf <iconandgraf@...>

I wish to share and help some friends to try your program Prana Breath but some have an iphone and one, an antic old nokia (that he loves :-) and would prefer to use his computer.
Is it possible to download and use pranabreath on mac and pc?
I found this and i was wondering if it was really coming from u. 
Thanks a lot for your advice.
And for your very helpful and good vibes work for our breath and mental :-) It is so helpful and instrutive.
Kind regards

Nadia Albul

Hello Stephanie!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Well, we have only one app, and it's for Android, and here is why: . Anything else are pirate versions, and can be quite dangerous to download. But maybe one day we'll have it working for other platforms as well!

Best regards,
Nadia Albul