Magic Intuition

A 9ball G <a9ball@...>

I wanted to tell you not to take some of the people to heart. One might think of your app as helping to learn to trust and recognize ones abilities more than learning how to improve it. I do have a fairly good ability to sense things, usually bad things and have learned to avoid it. Just ask my wife of 30 years. I convinced her fairly quickly. Not so good with what's the next card but things like don't go down a certain road and sure enough there ends up a wreck on it that day. Stuff like that. Keep up the great work! I'll be posting a review in next few days.

Stay safe and healthy!

Nadia Albul

Hello A,

Thank you for your support! Yes, we need to take it easy )

Personally I think that good intuition is kind of life insurance that has helped our ancestors for ages. It helps to make decisions when the input info is limited.

Best regards,
Nadia Albul