Game trailers #collaboration


Hello Oleksandr Team,

I have seen your game Magic Intuition, your game assets - I like its concept. I am wondering if you are planning to add game trailers to captivate more potential players, as I noticed that your game does not have a game trailer. My team would love to do a business venture with yours, and build a long-term work relationship. We consider that only the best work deserves your attention.
Here is a compilation of the game assets we designed:
And here are the game trailers/teasers we did:

I am Jay Vee, a director of a small studio specializing in-game asset creation, animation and game video trailers/teasers. With my experience, I can bring up to date values and qualities to your team. I love to work with people where I can share this knowledge and ensure the work we create is both unique and value for money. Let me know when is the best time to talk.

Kind regards,
Jay Vee