sticky Developer's "to-implement list" #features

Oleksandr Albul

Hello fellow Intuits!

Here is placed the app's actual "to-implement" list - everything that I am going to carry out for this app.
If you have any specific suggestions - feel free to share them!

- Something like a roulette (1 to 36)
- Thimbles (1 to 3)
- "Heads or Tails" (1 to 2)
- "Protect the server from DDOS attack" game. Here's how it works: server gets different data packages, and your job is to identify and to remove the packages with virus/DDOS attack, and to let the ordinary data packages in. There will be no "moves". The answer is considered wrong if the player deletes "peaceful" package, or if he/she skips the "harmful" one. And the other way around - the answer is right, if "peaceful" package is skipped, and "harmful" - removed. The quantity and flow speed of packages depend on complexity level.
- Time intuition. You need to guess the right moment and to defuse the bomb, that starts its explosion countdown sometime during the day (adjustable period).

Other features:
- Bottom bar redesign
- Play random game
- Reset stats option
- Don't show card/correct answers till the end of the game (for "Color", "Suit", "Zener cards" games option)
- Share personal records in social networks


I was wondering if you could add a "practice" mode, one that does not affect your daily stats. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get in the zone, whether every thing I pick is opposite of what it actually is, or if I'm not paying attention or what have you, anyways, sometimes I have to rage through a couple sets (especially when it comes to the circle sector lol) and I would prefer if those ragey rounds didn't affect my overall score. I also noticed that the more you play the lower your daily score (generally) becomes. What if you could just get scored on like 3 rounds per game a day on your competitive stats, and maybe a separate set of stats for your practice rounds? Anyways love the app, thank you 😉