Magic Intuition Malay #translation

Zahrin Affendy <zaffendy1@...>

Hi and Good Day Magic Intuition Group.
As to response towatds the #traslation. Its a most delight and Joy for me to be one of your translator.
Sorry didnt give you a proper introduction earlier, My Name Zahrin Affendy. From Malaysia, age 39.  If you need more details please let me know.  I saw that there are no translation to my languange at your apps.  And the languange i am gonna help you with are in Malaysia Malay. Not Indonesia malay or Brunei Malay. But i do know and have some about other malay languange jargon aswell as mention above. 
So looking forward for the reply. Hope you stay home stay save and take Good caution with your health. 
Thank you
(Andy Bronxco) 
5th May 2020

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